SRI Simulation


Zensoft Studios was tasked with modeling completely accurate environmental structures, which were to be used in combat training simulations. Stanford Research Institute (SRI) has several programs that create geo specific terrain for established VR packages that different simulations use in training. The goal of the project was to create accurate representations of the training areas that could be used in both ground level and vehicle training and then aggregate the feedback into monitoring clients.

These were in environments where some of the users were required to have long-range visibility, in order to make extremely complex calculations. These calculations were to have a low margin of error, taking into account earth curvature on one end of the scale, and then accurately portraying building placement and dimension on the other.

Many times throughout the projects we worked with survey data and geo specific point clouds.


Asset creation for multiple VR Environments
Source material to be processed into useable assets are enormous
Poor lighting support in simulation engines required custom tools development to manually assign darkened texture sets to all the geometry in some of the maps.