Flight into the Body (Kiosk Game Port)


Formerly titled, "Flight of the Kelvins" now Kelvin Adventures "Flight into the Body" is a game originally designed and developed by Dot Bunny. At the request of Science Alberta Foundation, Zensoft Studios was asked to port the game to a Game Kiosk version, as well as design and develop limited scope additional gameplay features to the game. The game was developed using Unity 3D and ported over to a Mac OS based Kiosk System. Once the Kiosk game had been completed Zensoft Studios was requested to update the web version, published on wonderville.ca with current design changes.

Zensoft Studios' Dan Geis, also developed the animated cinematics of the game.


Review current state of gameplay and assess possible design revisions
Work with existing software architecture to integrate approved gameplay revisions
shorten average gameplay time without compromising primary design elements
integrate kiosk joystick and button controls

Technologies Used

  • Unity