3D TMJ Simulation


This project was the next step in course development for the Kois Center. The goal was to re-create the previously conceived 2D interactive animation in 3D Space. Because of the need to include organic animation in the interactive 3D space, this task proved challenging and our team had to be creative to tackle the issues surrounding it.

The completed project allows the user to visualize the TMJ scenarios as well as to interact with them in real time. To build the 3D TMJ simulation, we used a real-time environment engine called Reality Engine (licensed by Dreamgazers Interactive). Reality Engine has been used in combination with the Ageia (Ageia: acquired by Nvidia in February of 2008) PhysX card on projects such as "CellFactor" (Artificial Studios) and "Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia" (Epic Games).


Asset creation of accurate 3D skull and jawbone models.
Accurate animation of the Healthy Bite scenario along with TMJ muscle tissue movement.
Rendering of believable textures and models in a real-time environment and code specific functionality based on the CRE course guidelines.
Ensuring the video card support for the current infrastructure of CRE.

Technologies Used

  • Unity
  • Unreal Technology
  • Ageia PhysX now PhysX by NVIDIA