2D TMJ Simulation


This project was the brainchild of Dr. John Koise, founder and director of the Kois Center in Seattle, WA. The Kois Center provides world class AGD PACE approved courses in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Koise's experience and instructional approach afford industry professionals unparalleled advantages in their medical profession.

The project involved creating a simulation that would display the physiology of the TMJ over the course of both standard and aberrant bite patterns. This was animated and coded using C# and Direct X. We had to pay special care and attention with the TMJ Simulation to ensure that the project was not performance taxing to Dr. Koise's computer delivery system.


Asset creation of accurate 2D organic muscle and tissue movement.
Coding of a custom engine package capable of working on a variety of existing computer systems.
Adding of project extensibility for future modules provided by Dr. John Kois.