Mobile Monkey


Mobile Monkey is a location-based mobile phone game, originally proposed for 5 of the 2005 Sony Ericsson mobile phone handset models. Location-based technology allows a mobile phone user to interact between their physical geographic location and their mobile handset using location-based service (LBS) enabled software for the purposes of entertainment, business, and social applications.

Mobile Monkey is based on a fairy tale written in the 1600's by Wu Cheng'en called, "Journey to the West." "Journey to the West" tells the adventurous tale of priest San-zang as he travels west to India in search of the Buddhist sutras. On his journey, he is accompanied by his three disciples, the irreverent and capable Monkey, the greedy Pig, and Friar Sand.

An interesting take on the traditional mosaic puzzle concept, Mobile Monkey follows Sun Wu'Kong (Monkey) through a series of fun and captivating puzzle challenges designed for engaging and rewarding gameplay.

This was the first of 16 episodes to be released by Banzai Games until the company was acquired by Zensoft Studios Inc. in 2005. Unfortunately, the project was decommissioned and never developed beyond the first episode.

Technologies Used

  • J2ME
  • Sony Ericsson