Code-named "Project Red," this massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG, is the brainchild of game designer, Bruno Stepphun. In an industry with hundreds of companies aspiring toward similar goals, weaving distinctive and innovative ideas into every project is of the utmost importance. Project Red is the realization of this goal. It combines a unique visual style with a rendering engine never before seen in the MMO (massively multiplayer online game) realm. Its innovative technology and dynamic features work to add a unique twist and set it apart from other games in today's MMO genre.

Project Red is currently being funded and supported by Zensoft Studios Inc.

Game Features:

Customize your hero with hundreds of unique abilities and personality traits to allow for unfathomably unique character development.

Fight in the sky, explore the seas, or venture into the cavernous underground using Project Red's unparalleled navigation system.

Build and defend your lands and cities against thousands of other Heroes.

Surge into battle equipped with your own bad ass customized fighting style in Player vs. Player gameplay.

Choose to cleanse the world of tyranny and destruction or shake it to its very core in an onslaught of madness and anarchy.

Discover and harness the magical mythos of the landscape. Unlock artifacts lost for centuries, wield their powers and give them a new history based on your hero's actions.

Live, die and tell epic tales of the Project Red saga as you continue to explore the ever active, ever changing dreamscape of this wondrous world.


Project Red's world is a world woven tightly together by the fibers of magic and mystery. It claims a rich history and, as one of the lands Heroes, you must decide how you will enter into the pages of this history. Step inside, forge your own universe, and discover all that this word allows to be revealed. The fate of the world is in your hands.

Technologies Used

  • Unreal Technology