Zensoft Productions

About Zensoft Productions

When you have a fantastic idea for a visual media production, the ultimate reward is seeing it play out on screen for the first time. The challenge lies in translating that vision from your imagination to the screen.

At Zensoft Studios we throw our full innovative energy at converting any idea - especially ones that used to be the realm of paper - into a visual media production. From game manuals and comics to marketing materials or education, there are no limits to what ideas can be portrayed on screen.

Our skilled pre and post production teams help you share your vision with your audience and stand out from the crowd. Our high quality animation and special effects work, paired with expert sound engineering and score composition bring you the slick finished product you've been visualizing from the start.


  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • Concept Design
  • Video/Film Pre Production
    • Story Boarding
    • Script Development
    • Set Design
    • Previsualization (Previs)
  • Video/Film Post Production
    • Editing
    • Color Correction
    • Compositing
    • Digital Special Effects
  • Animatics Game/TV/Film (Leica Reels)
  • Photography
  • Folio & Audio Engineering (in partnership with Six Degrees Inc.)
  • Original Score Composition (in partnership with Six Degree Inc.)

Nano Animations

Science Alberta : Nano Animations
Science Alberta Foundation put us to the test with the challenge to design two short animations that would clearly illustrate the concept of the nano scale and outline the careers that utilize nano materials or develop nano technology.

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Research & Development

Thorough research and concept development is imperative to make our productions as immersive as possible.


Storyboards, concept art, and pre-visualization are used to prepare the project to come to life.


The art of creating the content begins: 2D and 3D modeling, animation, and narration recording take place.

Post Production

Editing, colour correction, and audio mixing polish the finished product, and prepare it for output to DVD, Blu-Ray, and any other digital formats required.