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About Serious Games

The key to a great game can, ultimately, be found in the answer to this question: “Is it Fun?” How we rate the quality of a game depends upon more than just fancy graphics, the latest engine technologies, 22.2 channel surround sound, or today's fads and trends. To truly crown a game as greatness, it must knock your socks off in the name of fun. When we build games we take all potential gaming systems and features into consideration. With this in mind, we design a game with a bulletproof core feature set. This core is the game vision.

Once the core features are defined, the game can be allowed to take on its form. The story, graphics, audio, engineering achievements, and many other components that truly make up an immersive gaming experience, are tackled at this point by our well-oiled team of passionate developers.

Our love of understanding a game vision enables us to develop games from concept to completion with utmost efficiency, transforming that vision into a masterpiece.


  • Game Development Outsourcing
  • Game Design
  • Game Programming (General, Audio, AI, Engine, Graphics, Network, Porting)
  • Art Production
  • Audio Composing, Production & Engineering
  • Foley Design & Voice Acting

Project RED

Project RED
Code-named "Project Red," this massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG, is the brainchild of game designer, Bruno Stepphun.

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Research & Development

Conducting thorough subject matter research is crucial in creating authentic virtual environments, situations, and experiences.


We use prototype visual and technical concepts to create the first functional alpha build. Design documents and project plans are created using our agile modular methodology.


Our team produces the essential creative and technical assets necessary in achieving brilliance in the end result.


Through user feedback, focus groups, and stress testing the project is rigorously screened and tested.

Gold Release

This step in the process gives the project the final buff and polish it needs to flourish after its launch.