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Zensoft Studios Expands into Exciting New Territory

June 16th, 2010 - Calgary, AB

Zensoft Studios is pleased to announce that Dan Gies of Everyonedies Films has joined the ranks of their Calgary-based digital media company. His experience and dedication to animation, film production and illustration make him a great asset to their team.

"Dan and I have worked together on a few projects over the years, and we felt that it was time and appropriate that we work together to lead Zensoft Studios into a new chapter of the company’s development," says Bruno Steppuhn, CEO of Zensoft Studios.

Dan Gies will be leading Zensoft Studios’ newest division, Zensoft Productions, where the company will branch out into the media production and motion graphics industry. This development comes in tandem with Zensoft’s recent partnership with Six Degrees Inc., western Canada's premiere audio production studio, also based in Calgary.

Gies and Stepphun believe that through this expansion, they will be able to utilize Calgary’s business and industry strength, as well as its significant creative potential. "There's plenty of talent coming out of schools such as the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD), there's just a shortfall in opportunities for creative people," suggests Gies. Stepphun adds, "as we and other businesses like us continue to grow, we hope that we can help provide a stable, solid foundation for creative feasibility in Calgary.”

Daniel Gies is owner of Everyonedies Films, prominent animator and short film producer on commercial, non-commercial, and National Film Board of Canada (NFB) supported projects.

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